HP Envy Wireless printer setup for Mac and PC

HP Envy Wireless printer setup for Mac and PC

This article was written in response to the many requests we’ve had recently for help with setting up a wireless connection on a Mac or PC with an HP Envy printer.

1. Wirelessly Connecting an HP Envy Printer to Your Network

Start the copier and the wireless modem. Verify that your router has a WPS button.

Access the printer’s Network configuration wizard through the device’s touchscreen. Afterwards, the process of locating the WiFi router will begin.

In a few of seconds after selecting the wireless access point, the user will be prompted to provide the WPA key (password).

How to Set up a Wireless Connection for an HP Envy Printer on Windows

Learn the tried-and-true method for establishing a wireless connection between your Windows computer and an HP Envy printer.

The user’s first step is to make sure the printer is switched on and linked to the wireless network, as described before.

The next step is for the user to set up the printer on their computer. There are two options here. You may install the printer in one of two ways: either by using the installation disc that came with the printer, or by going to the HP website (www.123.hp.com/setup) and downloading the driver from there.

Next, go to the Settings menu and click on “Devices and Printers.” This will open a new window; choose the “Add a printer” option in the window’s upper right corner.

In the new window, choose “Next” to proceed. Hold on until you have successfully linked your HP Envy printer to the window.

That’s How a USB Cable Is Used to Link a Windows Computer to an HP Envy Printer.

Connecting your Hp Envy wireless printer to Windows via a USB connection is a breeze with these instructions.

The user must have a USB cord as a prerequisite to this setup. Plug in both ends of the USB cord to the PC and the HP Envy wireless printer.

The HP printer driver may now be downloaded from the company’s website.

To access your computer’s hardware, choose “Devices and printers” from the Control Panel.

Choose your printer from the drop-down menu next to “Add new printer” and click the button.

Your HP Envy printer on Windows should now be linked via USB.

2. That’s how you set up wireless printing from your Mac to your HP Envy printer.

Follow these steps to set up your HP Envy wireless printer with your Mac.

Start the computer, printer, and wireless access point. Make sure your printer and computer are sharing the same network.

To get started, follow the instructions for connecting your HP envy printer to a wireless network.

Get the most recent printer driver from HP’s website and install it. The drivers may be downloaded by following the on-screen prompts.

Choose “System Preferences” from the “Apple” menu. Next, choose “Printers and Scanners” from the drop-down menu in the new window that has opened.

In the lower left corner of the screen, you’ll see a “+” symbol; click on it. Your HP Envy printer will now be available.

In the upper left corner of your screen, you should now see your HP Envy printer that has been set up with your Mac.

3. Mobile Device Setup for HP Envy Wireless Printer

Here’s a simple and fast method for linking your HP Envy printer to your mobile device. Now, printing from a mobile device is a simple process.

The user should check that their Android device and printer are on the same network and that WiFi direct is turned on for both devices before beginning the operation.

Get the HP Print Service Driver app for your mobile device.

After the installation is complete, the user may activate the plugin by selecting an Android smartphone. To print from an Android smartphone running Android 6 or an older version, go to “Settings,” type “HP print service,” and then choose it. After successfully installing Android 7, the HP service plugin activates by default.

Disable any print service plugins that aren’t absolutely necessary for now.

The time has come for you to print the selected page. Choose “Print” from the menu that appears when you tap the symbol with three vertical dots. After that, a screen showing a print preview will load.

To see a list of available printers, use the down arrow. The user must provide the name of the HP printer they want to utilize via the network.

If you want to print anything, just click the print button.

4. Conclusion

The instructions will help you establish a wireless connection to your HP Envy using your router and your choice of operating system (Windows or Mac).

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