What should i do if my hp printer is not printing color and black ink

The most common reasons for the “HP printer is not printing in color” problem have been outlined in this article. The troubleshooting procedures are also presented in an intuitive manner.

If you need help fixing the black ink problem on your HP printer, read on.

When an HP printer stops printing in color, there are often three causes:

One, the lack of colored ink in the cartridge.

Second, there is an issue with the printhead.

Third, you can’t print in color.

How to Quickly Fix the Problem of a Color HP Printer That Won’t Print

1. Set the printer as ‘Default’

Keep your default printer selected at all times. To do this, just do the following:

Type “Control Panel” into the “Run” dialog box that appears after doing a Windows search, and then click the “OK” button.

Choose the “Devices and Printers” tab when the Control Panel window loads.

All of the accessible printers are now shown. Choose the HP printer you want to use as your default by right-clicking on it.

assign as the primary printer

The printer icon will then be marked with a green checkmark. As a result, your printer is now in its default configuration and ready for use.

status: green

If your HP printer is now connected but not printing, the problem should be fixed. Nonetheless, go to the next step if you are still having difficulties with printing.

2. Enable the printer color command to fix ‘HP printer color not printing properly’ error

If you’re having trouble with your HP printer’s color printing, check to see whether the Color Printing Mode is selected. You can do this by doing only a few things:

To access Windows’ configuration menu, click the “Settings” button.

Choose “Printers” from the menu.

Choose “Properties” after right-clicking the printing system icon.

Choose “Printing preferences” from the “Properties” tab.

Next, choose “Color” under the “Paper/quality” menu. Click the “OK” button and leave the current window.

Get a free color print when you put your printing skills to the test.

Grayscale printing is an alternative if your HP printer still refuses to print in color.

In addition, if you’re using an HP envy printer and you’re having color printing issues, check to see whether the printer has been turned off.

3. The HP printer’s printhead needs to be replaced or reinstalled

The printhead, which deposits ink into the paper and forms legible text, is a crucial component of the printing process. If this is the case, a defective printhead is yet another potential source of the dreaded “HP printer not producing color” message.

Printhead Replacement for HP Printers

The Printhead Cleaning Procedure Is As Follows:

To access the drivers and printers, press the “Start” button and type “Control Panel” into the search bar.

Locate the printing system icon on the next page, right-click it, and choose “Properties.”

When the new window opens, choose “Hardware,” and then “Clean Ink” from the drop-down menu.

To clean the printhead and verify printing, just follow the on-screen prompts.

4.Ink levels in the HP printer cartridge are low.

A lack of ink is the most common cause of the dreaded “HP printer stopped producing color text” message. If you’re having trouble with color printing on your HP printer, the first thing to do is to change the ink cartridges if they’re empty.

Here’s how to swap out the cartridge after a visual inspection:

Carefully remove the front cover of the printer and look inside to see how much ink is there. A new cartridge should be installed if ink levels are low.

It is recommended to check the ink’s expiry date if the cartridge is full but the HP printer still produces incorrect colors. Drying and clogging are common issues when using inks that have beyond their expiration date.

If the cartridge has run out of ink, replacing it and continuing the print job should get rid of the “HP Envy printer not printing in color” error.

Solutions to the Problem of Black Ink Not Printing on an HP Printer

If you have an HP printer and the black ink is not printing, check out the remedies below.

1. Quick, Doctor, Start the Scan

If you’re having difficulties printing on your HP printer, try using the “Scan Doctor” application. It’s not just a band-aid for these issues; it’s the real deal.

To begin, go over to HP’s main website and tap the “Download Print and Scan Doctor” button.

The executable file HPPSdr.exe will be downloaded.

Launch the executable to begin the software setup process.

When you are ready, choose “start” and then “next” to proceed. In addition, just stick to the on-screen prompts.

Adjust the Print Head Alignment

The print head alignment feature is usually found in the printer’s maintenance menu or control panel on HP printers.

If your HP printer is having trouble printing in black, try aligning the print head as shown below.

Make sure the printer has been properly aligned before using it.

The Input tray needs plain paper loaded.

Make the necessary adjustments so that the paper width guide reaches the paper’s edge.

To align the print heads or cartridges, access the printers option through Control Panel > click on Tools > click on the printer’s Maintenance menu.

If your printer can scan, use the scanner to finish the alignment by following the directions on the alignment page. If it doesn’t, try sending a print job or restarting the printer.

We trust that you have been able to fix your “HP printer not printing black” issue. If not, go to the next section.

The HP Printer Drivers Must Be Updated

If your HP printer’s black ink isn’t printing correctly, try updating the drivers as outlined below.

By pressing and holding the Windows key, you may bring up the “Run” menu. When prompted, type “devmgmt.msc” into the box.

Click the arrow in the device management window’s “Print Queue” to open it.

To use the right-click menu, choose any of the HP printers shown below.

Choose “Change Drivers” from the available options. To find newer driver software, click the “Search” button.

A new message, “The optimal driver software for your device is already installed,” will appear once the driver is updated from now on. So, in this instance, it is not necessary to update the HP printer driver.

To test whether the printer reset was successful, try restarting the computer.