Hp printer offline- learn how to get printer back online

Why is my HP printer not working in Windows 10 is a common question. As a result, we’ve outlined the root causes of this issue and how to fix it here.

Thus, if you’re having trouble keeping your HP printer online, simply refer to the guidelines down below.

How can I fix my HP printer that is offline?

To resolve the HP printer offline problem, first click “Set as default printer.”

Follow the methods below to fix your HP printer if it continually going down in Windows 10 or another operating system:

To access the Run command, choose Windows and then click the Start button. Now, hit the OK button after entering “Control Panel” in the dialogue box.

After selecting the “Device and Printer” tab, your HP printer will appear in the list. The printer is considered “configured as default” if it has a green checkmark next to it.

If it isn’t already set as your default printer, right-click on it and choose that option.

The HP printer offline problem should now be resolved, and you may print without issue.

2. Uncheck the box labeled “Use Printer Offline”

If you choose to “Use printer in offline mode,” your HP wireless printer will stop working. A user should thus make sure that this checkbox is deselected. The steps to change this preference are as follows:

Choose “Settings” from the “Start” menu.

Choose your HP printer from the list of available printers and then click the appropriate menu item.

Then, deselect “Use Printer Offline” from the menu. Your HP printer should reconnect to the internet at this point.

3. verify the printer driver and either uninstall the old one or update it.

In the event that your HP printer driver is outdated or corrupt, you will see an offline error message. If your Windows drivers need updating or installing, here’s how to accomplish it.

Find “Device Manager” in the search results and choose it.

Now, please enlarge the area labeled “Printers.”

To update the driver for your printer, you should now be able to see the model number for it in the enlarged subheading.

Next, choose “search automatically” to have your printer’s driver updated automatically. After the procedure is done, your computer will need to be restarted.

Uninstall your current HP printer driver by going to the “control panel,” then “remove programs,” and installing the new driver from there. The next step is to install the printer driver that you downloaded from HP’s website. For more insight into this procedure.

If your HP printer has ever gone offline in Windows 10 or another operating system, these fixes should have fixed the issue.

4. Examine the Printer Spooler Configuration for Errors

When the printer spooler is disabled, HP printers display an offline message. This may be fixed by doing the following:

To begin, hit “OK” on the “Run” dialog box and then enter “Services.msc”

Now, look for “Print Spooler” in the list of available choices.

To temporarily halt the print spooler services, right-click it and choose the “Stop” option.

Next, in the ‘Windows File Explorer’ location box, enter C:WindowsSystem32SpoolPrinter and hit the “OK” button.

To save up space in the printing queue, remove everything from the printer folder.

The spooler service may then be restarted by right-clicking “Print Spooler” and choosing the “Start” option.

The dreaded “HP printer Says offline” message should disappear when you’ve restarted both your computer and printer.

Using these instructions, a user of Windows 10 (or any other operating system) may reconnect an offline HP printer to the network.

5.Another Vital Consideration As a result, the HP printer status displays “Offline.”

Keep these things in mind if your HP printer reports that it is offline:

If printing from your computer, check to be that both your printer and computer are connected to the same wireless network.

Always perform a system reboot after configuring an HP printer in the computer to ensure that the printer’s settings are preserved.

Your printer may stop working for a variety of reasons, including a paper jam, insufficient ink, a change in voltage, or incompatibility issues.

When an HP printer stops working, check the cables.

With Windows 10, HP printers sometimes lose connectivity and refuse to print. If you want to repair it, try these:

Verify that the USB cable is connected correctly to the printer and the computer. Make that the wireless printer and router can communicate with each other.

Verify the power cable is plugged into the printer.

Verify that the power cord connecting the printer to the wall outlet is undamaged and plugged in correctly.