Terms and Conditions

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The Following Are Some Key Points From Our Terms & Conditions:

  • We have the discretion to update or amend the terms as needed to meet the needs and timetables of our organisation.
  • Only customers over the age of 18 are eligible to use our services.
  • Our website provides free and self-contained information to assist you in resolving your printer issues.
  • We don’t take any responsibility for your printer problem and can’t promise that we’ll be able to fix it.
  • Once your lead has been delivered to a support firm, you are solely responsible for your relationship with them.
  • The policies and guidelines may be changed from time to time to reflect the practices of our organisation.
  • You must agree to each point of our conditions if you want to utilise our excellent services.

Additionally, check our terms and conditions page on a regular basis to see if we’ve made any changes.

Contact Information:

If you have a query or require assistance, please contact us at any time, either by phone or through our website’s contact page. If you have any questions, please email us at info@eprinterhelp.com