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HP Printer Offline- Learn How To Get Printer Back Online

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The article provided remedies to the common problem of an HP printer not working in Windows 10.

So, if your HP printer is down, simply follow the steps.

Why, according to the status, is my HP printer offline?

Make sure the “Use Printer Offline” Mode checkbox is not selected.

  • The HP wireless printer is set to “Use printer offline mode.” The user must select his or her preferred option. To change your navigation settings, go to the “start” menu and select “settings.”
  • Then, under “devices,” select “printer scanners.” After that, select “HP printer.”
  • Uncheck the “Use Printer Offline” box in the next menu. Online HP printer mode

To resolve the HP printer offline issue, ensure that your printer is "Set as default printer."

  • If your HP printer isn’t working properly in Windows 10, try the following troubleshooting steps: After clicking the Windows button, type “Control Panel” in the dialogue box that appears, then click “OK.”
  • Select the HP printer under “Device Printer.” The printer has a green checkmark and is set to the default settings.
  • Select “Set default printer” under Printer.
  • Because the HP printer is now online, the offline issue is no longer visible.

Update any out-of-date printer drivers by checking the driver.

  • The HP printer might not be working if the printer driver is damaged or out of date. These steps will update and reinstall Windows drivers.
  • In Windows, type “Device Manager” and then click it.
  • Now expand “Printers.”
  • Find the printer model number expanded, then “Right Click” to choose “Update Driver.”
  • After that, select “search automatically” and keep an eye out for printer driver updates. When the procedure is finished, restart, reinstall the driver, and select “remove programmes” from the “control panel.” Remove the old HP printer driver. Download and install the printer driver from the HP website.
  • After attempting troubleshooting steps, the HP printer became inoperable on Windows 10.

Examine any important printer spooler settings or other possible causes of "HP Printer Shows Offline."

  • If the connection is wireless, ensure that the printer is connected to a Wi-Fi network. HP printer not found Select the HP printer wireless network button.
  • After configuring the HP printer, the settings were saved.
  • Paper jams, low ink, erratic voltage, and incompatibility issues can all cause a printer to become unresponsive.
  • HP Printer Not Working: Check the Wire Connection
  • When a connection fails, the HP printer goes offline in Windows 10. then proceed as follows: Check that both the printer’s wireless connection and the printer router’s connectivity are connected to the USB cable.
  • The printer’s power outlet is also operational and properly connected.

Is your HP printer still not working? Examine Your Connection for Network Errors

Solve the problem of an offline HP printer

  • WiFi connectivity is one of the primary reasons a printer appears to be offline.
  • Another critical aspect is that the IP address of the HP printer be correctly configured on the laptop and desktop.


As a result, pop stated, the error message “Printer offline” appeared. Check that your IP address is properly configured and then follow these steps:


    • Launch the HP configuration utility.
    • Navigate to the settings menu and then to the networking tab.
    • Select IP address from the drop-down menu.
    • Select Manual Settings, then enter an exact and correct IP address.
    • These procedures eliminate errors caused by incorrect IP addresses.
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In conclusion

To ensure that printer drivers for HP printers are properly installed and updated Printer errors are eliminated by updating printer drivers and settings on a regular basis.

For users who are experiencing printer issues, the article on HP printer offline provides simple troubleshooting instructions. Using the printer’s WiFi printing feature and pressing the WiFi button are important ways to correct errors. Printers in the “Network setting” category. The user selects printers from a list. Printing tasks for the HP printer are completed online.