HP Envy 4520 Setup

The following steps will guide you through the process of downloading and installing the HP Envy 4520 driver 

Overall, this is a quick tutorial on how to connect an HP Envy 4520 printer to a computer running Windows 11 or 10. This new wireless device from HP features all-in-one inkjet technology, making it significantly more efficient and comfortable to use. With Instant Ink, it can print lab-quality photos and laser-quality documents while saving up to 50% on ink. The printer’s attractive and practical design, as well as its ability to accept input directly from cellphones using wireless technology, have won it a superb reputation.

You can easily connect the HP Envy 4520 Printer to Windows 10 after you bring it home. All you need is a quick workout to set up the device. After purchasing the printer from the store, we strongly suggest you to read and follow the procedures below. So let’s get this party started.

How to Connect an HP Envy 4520 Printer to a Windows 11 or 10 Computer

  1. Remove the printer from the box and discard the packing materials.
  2. Open the cartridge door after removing all of the packaging materials from the inside. Grip the handles on any one side of it smoothly.
  3. Reduce the height of the Cartridge access door.
  4. Connect one end of the power cord to a safe power system socket and the other to the rear of the HP Envy 4520 printer. Turn on the printer after it has been successfully connected.
  5. Open the input tray door and arrange it along the breadth to keep the paper stack aligned.
  6. Open the ink Cartridge door and place the cartridge precisely where you want it. After finishing this step, close the door to secure it.
  7. After properly inserting the cartridge, the printer will automatically align the paper stack to ensure the best possible printing quality.
  8. Place the alignment page, print side down, on the scanner glass. There are numerous conferred guides, and we advise that they be arranged in accordance with the requirements.
  9. Then, on the printer’s control panel, lower the scanner cover and push the Ok button.
  10. Download and install the Printer Software from the manufacturer’s website.
  11. Make sure you don’t have to enable the system-to-printer connection until the programme instructs you to.


My Envy 4520 isn’t printing for some reason.

Ans. If the print spooler—the software that prepares and manages printing documents—is clogged, simply clear it and restart it to fix the problem. If it doesn’t work, you may need to cancel one or more of your print queue articles.

Ques. How do I use my HP Envy 4520 to print wirelessly?

Ans. Connect to the Wi-Fi network.

  • Activate it if it isn’t already.
  • Touch the Wireless symbol on the control panel of the printer.The Wireless screen can be seen.
  • Choose the Settings option.
  • Select Wireless Setup Wizard and then follow the instructions on the control panel to connect the printer to your wireless network.

Why isn’t my HP Envy 4520 working with my computer?

Ans. Disconnect the power supply to the router. Turn off the printer. Before closing down your computer, close any open apps, including the HP software installation window. Wait for the Internet activity light to indicate a regular connected status after reconnecting the router’s power cord.

What is the procedure for reinstalling the HP Envy 4520 printer?

Ans. Defaults 1 Restore

  • From the printer’s interface, go to Setup.
  • Make a selection of tools.
  • Choose Restore Defaults from the drop-down menu.
  • Yes should be selected.
  • The printer will automatically resume.
  • After restarting your printer, the factory default settings will be restored.


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