HP Photosmart 6520 Not Printing Black

HP Photosmart 6520 Not Printing Black [Solved]

HP printers are well-known for their printing quality. They provide all of their customers with appealing offers and services about free shipping and returns. In your home or office, you might have an HP printer. But what happens if your printer breaks down or why is my hp photosmart 6520 not printing black?

What to Do If Your HP 6520 Not Printing Black?

You can solve this problem by implementing some of our recommendations.


Remove the clogged cartridge

Here are some solutions to the HP 6520 Not Printing black problem. Please go through the following problems one at a time.

The HP 6520 Not Printing Black problem could be caused by a blockage in the printer head vent. As a result, your printhead is unable to print in black or any other colour. Follow the procedures below to correct this:

  • Switch on your HP printer.
  • Open the cartridge panel on your HP printer.
  • Allow your printhead to reset on its own.
  • Remove the printhead as well as the colour units.
  • It’s time to clean the print head.
  • It should be cleaned completely with water and then dried with a flat towel.
  • After cleaning and drying, you must reinstall it in your HP printer.
  • Place all of the accessories back in their proper places.
  • Take a test print to check how well your printing is coming along. Both black and CYMK colour modes are available for printing.


Use the Printer’s Tool

Examine the Cartridge’s Ink

  • Maintain your printer’s Switch On mode.
  • Open the cartridge panel on the hood of your printer.
  • Replace the ink cartridges as well as the empty cartridge container with new high-quality cartridges.
  • Use the printer’s screen to your advantage.
  • Look for the () indication on the screen (Left corner)
  • Using the screen’s side directional arrows, look for the Tool option.
  • Select Ok from the Tool menu.
  • You’ll now be able to monitor the ink levels in the cartridges. Choose it and click the OK button.

Make use of the self-regulating cleaning tool

  • You’ll have to revert to Printer Screen.
  • Select the () sign and use the directional arrow to return to the Tool choice.
  • Press Ok once more after selecting the Tool choice.
  • Using the right arrow, locate the Print head cleaning option.
  • The print head will take some time to clean itself.
  • You’ll automatically receive a test print after the cleaning procedure is completed.

If you followed both procedures successfully, you should be good to go. The problem with your HP 6520 Not Printing Black will almost probably be fixed. If you still have a detective test print, though. Follow the steps below to examine it:

  • Return to the tool selection to examine the test print quality.
  • With the directional arrow, select the print quality report.
  • The whole quality report will be sent to you.

You can find out if your ink cartridge has a problem by doing the above-mentioned test. Continue to the next stage.

Fix 3

Alignment & Removal of Defective Ink Cartridges

Defective ink cartridges might also cause printing issues, such as a blank page or the inability to produce black colour on your HP printer. To fix the HP 6520 Not Printing Black issue, take these simple steps:

  • Power Using an HP printer
  • By opening the printer panel, you can allow the cartridge to travel to the centre.
  • Gently press the ink units out of the print head slots to remove them.
  • The expiration date must be checked. If they’re past their expiration date, replace them with new ones.
  • It’s now time to turn off the printer’s control panel.
  • For information on printer alignment demos, paper loading, and colour unit calibration, go to the Printer Screen.
  • Press Ok to finish the information demonstration.
  • The printer will start the alignment procedure on its own.
  • Place a test print on the scanner after removing it from the stack.
  • Information will appear on the printer’s screen. Press the OK button on it.
  • Your printer will now be in the ideal location.

Here are five tips to remember so you never have to struggle with the HP 6520 Not Printing Black problem again.

Always keep the following in mind:

  • HP cartridges were installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • While physically cleaning an HP printer’s print head. Maintain the printer’s off position.
  • Always remove the shielding strip before installing a fresh cartridge.
  • The nozzles of ink cartridges should never be physically damaged.
  • Make sure the ink cartridges fit properly before inserting them.

Frequently Asked Questions about HP 6520 Not Printing Black

My HP printer won’t print for some reason.

Your HP printer may not be printing due to the existence of older versions of the printer’s drivers. There could be a problem with the connections between your computer and printer. It’s conceivable that the printer was installed in the wrong position when you set up your system.

Why isn’t my HP printer printing in black ink?

Dirty or jammed printheads, as well as low ink levels in the ink cartridges, might produce this error. It’s conceivable that the printhead isn’t in the proper position. It’s possible that “HP Print and Scan Doctor” has a problem that has to be fixed.

Why isn’t my HP printer printing in colour?

Your HP Envy Printer may not print in colour if you are not using a genuine HP ink cartridge. Also, make certain you’re using the proper paper. Wrinkled or curled paper should be avoided. Ensure that your printer is in default mode. Run a test print job after you’ve double-checked that everything is in its right place to ensure that the print quality is satisfactory.

Despite the fact that my HP printer has ink, why isn’t it printing?
    Even if your printer has ink, blank pages may be printed for the following reasons:
  • The printer could be skewed, but it’s also possible that it isn’t.
  • It’s likely that the ink cartridges have reached the end of their useful life.
  • The yellow tape could possibly be stuck to the ink cartridges.
  • It’s possible that the ink nozzles will clog.
  • It’s conceivable that you used the wrong type of paper.
  • If you’re printing from Windows or Mac, the “Skip Blank Page” option may not have been selected.
Why is my HP printer only printing blank pages?
    There could be several causes for your HP printer to only produce blank pages, some of which are given below:
  • The paper tray is filled with the wrong size of paper, and the printer is refusing to take those pages. As a result, it’s offering the book in its original format.
  • Cartridge movement away from their original location
  • Obstruction of the Printhead
  • Ink tanks that are devoid of ink
How can I print in black rather than colour?
    If you just want to print using coloured cartridges, there is an easy solution. Follow the steps below to print any document in colour rather than black.
  • Select ‘Control Panel’ from your system’s ‘Menu.’
  • Double-tap to open ‘Printer and Faxes.’
  • Select ‘Printing Preferences’ from the right-click menu of the ‘Default Printer.’
  • From the ‘Colour’ tab, choose ‘Printing Preferences.’
  • The following alternatives will be presented to you; choose the one that best meets your needs:
  • The black cartridge is the only one available.
  • The colour cartridge is the only one included.
  • Select ‘Change Colour Option’ to change the colour option from ‘Grayscale’ to ‘Print in Colour Only.’
  • By clicking the ‘Save’ button, you may save your changes.

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