Why Your HP Printer Says Out Of Paper

Why Your HP Printer Says out of Paper and How to Fix the Error Message?

Due to outdated firmware, the HP Printer Out of Paper Error message appears on your PC or laptop control panel settings. Because dust has accumulated on the paper feed rollers, the printer may cease picking or feeding paper. The HP printer indicates that it is out of paper, but it isn’t, and there is paper in the paper tray. There will be a problem with paper feeding in this instance. Dust or dampness may have also affected the paper feed or paper pick rollers. As a result, even though the paper is in the tray, your printing machine may not recognize it. The error message “HP Printer Says Out of Paper” may appear on the screen as a result of this. You can check the condition of the printing paper to fix this message and issue. The paper settings can also be changed or corrected.

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Let’s look at some additional solutions for HP printers running out of paper. We’ll show you how to check the Print Spooler service, reset your HP printer, and update the printer driver, among other things. These fixes are also compatible with HP printers running on Windows 10 systems. Even though the document or crucial office paper is properly inserted into the tray, you may obtain a message that no paper is loaded or the printer is out of paper when you try to print it on the HP all-in-one printer. When this error message appears, you can troubleshoot the issue and print your file by following the instructions below. To reflect an error, an HP printer can declare it’s out of paper. It’s possible that there’s no paper in the device’s input tray. There could possibly be a problem with the printing machine. When there is a set of sheets in the device, the message “HP printer says no paper” may appear as a result of this problem. Printing actions may not be conducted as long as the message is not resolved.

The Reasons Why Your HP Printer Says It’s Out of Paper

1. Dirt and paper garbage clogged HP printer paper feed rollers.

2. The incompatibility problem with the Windows-10 operating system contributes to this issue.

3. Making use of an out-of-date printer driver.

4. It could happen as a result of a large number of outstanding print jobs that are stuck in the queue.

5. The print spooler’s odd behavior necessitates troubleshooting.

6. Use of low-quality paper whose edges curl as a result of moisture absorption.

7. The print spooler service is frequently the source of this issue on your device.

8. There may be pending printing jobs. They may have become stuck in the printing queue of your HP printer.

How to error an HP Printer That Says It’s Out Of Paper

It’s possible that the printing paper in your HP printer isn’t in good shape. The message “HP Printer Says Out of Paper” can be fixed by inspecting it before placing it into the paper tray, however, it isn’t. To resolve this issue, the device’s paper feed rollers should be cleaned. You should also check that the Print Spooler service is operational.

You can read more about how to fix this HP printer issue in the fixes below.

1. Before loading, check the condition of the printing paper

An error message saying that there is no printer can display on HP printers. This message is generally displayed when the printing paper is in poor condition. As a result, if printing paper in an unusual condition is added to your device’s input tray, a message like this may appear. In this area, we’ve compiled 5 tips to fix you in resolving this message with your HP printer. You can go over these tips attentively. The message will soon disappear from your device’s display. Ensure sure you’re using sheets that are identical in size and type.

Remove the paper from the tray and think about it. Check that it isn’t curled or damaged, particularly at the edges. Arrange the printing sheets in a straight line. Check sure the package is all the same size. In your printer’s input tray, try to keep it to 25 sheets or less. Make sure to use only high-quality printing paper.

After you’ve read and comprehended these tips, printing a test page is a good idea. The test page should be printed correctly. If you still can’t print this page and your HP printer says it’s out of paper, you can attempt the remaining troubleshooting steps.

2. Do you check if your HP printer is compatible with Windows 10?

If you recently upgraded to Windows 10, and your paper has run out of error, make sure your printer is compatible with the new platform. Even though most printer models from the previous three years are compatible with Windows 10, there are still a lot of older printers that aren’t. To see if your printer is compatible with Windows 10, go to the manufacturer’s website, which should include a page listing all of its approved printers.

For example, this HP page explains which HP printers are compatible with Windows 10 and which aren’t. You can’t print documents with a printer that doesn’t have a Windows 10 driver. The manufacturer’s page should include a recommended driver to update to if it is compatible with the platform. So there are a few options for resolving the enigmatic paper that has run out of errors. Aside from that, if the printer is still under warranty, you may be able to service it. If that’s the case, you can have it repaired by the manufacturer.

3. Reset your HP printer to factory settings

When your HP printer says load paper even though there is paper in the input tray, there is a problem with your device. If the problem is small, resetting your HP printer should be sufficient to resolve it. The device can be reset by turning it off and removing all cables attached to it. Allow 30 seconds to elapse. After that, connect all of the cables and turn on your HP printer. You should be able to print without encountering any issues with your device.

-Deactivate your HP printer.

-Unplug all of the cables that are connected to it.

-Hold your breath for 30 seconds.

-Then, one by one, plug in the cables.

-Go to your device’s settings and turn it on.

-Print a document or image when it’s ready to use. It would no longer indicate that the device was out of paper.

4. Experiment with the HP Print Driver’s Paper Settings

When your printer claims it’s out of paper when it isn’t on HP, this is a typical occurrence. Your printing machine may be displaying this issue because the paper settings of a particular document or file may be incorrect. For that file or document, you can adjust the paper settings. It’s possible that printing it after adjusting the settings won’t cause the same issue. You can open your document on your computer to adjust the paper settings. Select Print from the File menu. Go to the Print properties page. You’ll find different options under the Features tab, such as Size and Type. Make adjustments to these options. The settings should be modified or corrected.

5. Make an appointment to get your HP printer serviced

Most of the time, HP printers are efficient. Printing errors, on the other hand, can have an impact on these devices. Your HP printer may report that it is out of paper when it is not. By having your printer repaired, you can eliminate the true reason for the error. HP printers need to be serviced regularly to ensure that they work properly. Additionally, after maintaining your device, you may notice an increase inefficiency. When you need to service your HP device, you should call a printer professional. After you’ve done this, you’ll see that the error no longer occurs. Additionally, the likelihood of other HP printing problems will be reduced.

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6. Clean the Rollers in the Printer

Paper feed issues can be caused by dirt accumulating in the printer’s rollers. Cleaning the rollers could be a fix. The rollers can be cleaned in the following manner.

-First, switch off the printer and unplug the power cord.

-To clean the rollers, use a lint-free cloth and bottled water; do not use tap water or alcohol.

-Removing the primary paper tray normally gives you access to the pick rollers in the front. Some printers, however, feature a back access door via which you can access the rollers.

-Then, using a cloth, wipe the rollers and rotate them upward with your fingertips. If your printer has a duplexer, clean the duplexer rollers.

-Leave the rollers to air dry for around 30 minutes. Then, if necessary, reconnect the printer’s power cable and switch the printer back on.

7. Verify that the Print Spooler is operational

The Print Spooler service in Windows OS is in charge of storing print jobs. It’s possible that the service has been disabled or isn’t functioning properly. Even if sheets have been added, your HP printer may eventually report that it is out of paper. You can open and check the status of the Print Spooler service to ensure that it is working as expected.

In a nutshell, you must start Running on your Windows computer. then type services.MSC at the command prompt. Select Ok and go through the Services window’s list. Print Spooler can be found here. Check the status of this service by selecting it from the select-down menu. Start should be mentioned in the status. If you notice the word Stopped written here, right-tap on the services. Push the Start button on its Properties page. Any modifications made during the procedure must be saved.


1. Why does my printer indicate it’s out of paper even though there’s plenty of it?

Check the paper rollers and clean any particles of dust or dirt if you continue getting error messages indicating there is no paper in the printer. Make sure the stack of papers isn’t crumpled or bowed. Remove the stack of papers and replace the tray. Replace the paper and take it out again.

2. How can you get rid of texts that are no longer on paper?

Here are a few fast fixes for out-of-paper mistakes: Remove all of the paper from the tray, reload it and make sure it’s packed evenly, inspect the rollers, and update your printer.

3. How does the paper feed in a printer work?

The pick roller gathers the paper that will be fed into the printer, while the feed roller takes the paper in and draws it into the printer. The pick roller is turned off when the feed roller takes over to prevent it from taking up more sheets of paper.

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