Canon Pixma Error Code 5012

Canon Pixma Error Code 5012

Canon Printers are continually making our work easier, thanks to recent technological advancements. However, similar to other printer troubles, Canon Printer Error 5012 affects select models of Canon Printers. The error obstructs your ability to work with the printers. You won’t be able to print from your Canon Printer if this error code appears on your computer screen. You might even consider getting rid of your old printer and buying a new one. You may rapidly resolve Canon Printer Error 5012 and restart Canon Printer work by following precise troubleshooting steps. To learn more about the 5012 Canon Error, carefully read this web.

1. What is a Canon Printer Error 5012?

The Canon Printer Error Code 5012 is a software issue that prevents you from printing documents or photos. Paper clogs in the printer are a common source of this error. Your printer’s printing process can be degraded if you don’t take preventative measures or troubleshoot.

2. Canon Error Code 5012 Symptoms

The following are some of the symptoms that occur when your Canon printer displays error 5012:

-You won’t be able to print images or documents.

-Your printer’s Alarm Lamp flashes orange.

-The code 5012 will appear on your computer screen.

3. What Causes the Canon Printer Error Code 5012?

For a variety of reasons, the Canon Printer code 5012 appears on your computer screen. However, the following are some of the most prevalent reasons for this error occur:

-There is a paper jam.

-The printer requires resetting.

-Ink cartridge that has been displaced.

-Any foreign material that forms an obstruction inside the printer.

4. Canon Printer Code 5012 MG5522

If you get the Canon Pixma 5012 error on the MG5522 model, make sure your printer is free of paper jams and obstructions. You can also ensure to see if the ink tanks are correctly placed into your printer.

Canon Code 5012: IP100

You can resolve the 5012 Canon error by resetting your Canon Printer if you have the IP100 model. Also, make sure the ink cartridge is properly adjusted by checking it thoroughly.

5012 Canon MX495:

When your MX495 printer displays the Canon 5012 error code on your computer screen, this can occur. You can easily resolve this error by canceling the print job in the printer’s queue. You can also restart the printer to see whether the error 5012 Canon has been resolved.

Canon TS3122 Error 5012:

No paper or a paper jammed under the print head could be the cause of Canon Pixma error 5012 in the TS3122 model. Make sure there are enough sheets of paper in the paper tray and that the print head isn’t obstructed.

Canon MX492 Error 5012:

If you have an MX492 printer and are experiencing Printer Error 5012, it is recommended that you first turn it on and open the lid. Close the lid when the ink carriage reaches the center. You should be aware that the ink cartridge should not move when the printer is turned on.

Canon MX490 Error 5012:

The Canon Printer 5012 error code in the MX490 indicates that extraneous items have been lodged inside the printer. Furthermore, the printer may be jammed with paper. To resolve the issue, remove these items and restart your printer.

Canon MG3020 Error 5012:

When you encounter Canon error code 5012 while using the MG3020 printer model, you must first turn it off! Next, remove the printer’s and computer’s power cords. Remove the ink cartridge and check the print head for any paper jams. If so, take it out, remove the ink cartridge, and switch on your printer.

Canon MG2922 Error 5012:

By canceling the prints aligned in the queue, the Canon Printer code 5012 for the MG2922 Canon Printer can be resolved. Ensure that the ink cartridge is properly installed and that no extraneous matter is obstructing the printing process.

Canon MG3022 Error 5012:

If you receive a Canon 5012 error message while using the MG3022 printer, first check for any jammed papers or obstructions. Second, double-check that the ink tanks are properly seated. Finally, turn on the printer by disconnecting and reconnecting the printer’s power cord for around 20 seconds.

Canon MP160 Error 5012:

When you use a Canon Pixma MP160 printer and get the Canon Printer Error Code 5012, it means your printer has to be reset. To resolve the problem, switch on your printer first. Remove the power cable from both the printer and the computer for around two minutes once the printer is silent. Check to see if the problem has been resolved by turning on your printer.

MP237 Code 5012 Canon:

To troubleshoot the Canon Printer 5012 error, first, open the printer lid and remove the print head. After that, switch the printer off and clean the print head as well as the ink cartridges. Check to see if the problem has been resolved by restarting the printer.

5012 Printer Error MX922:

If you’re having trouble with the Canon Printer error 5012, make sure there are no paper jams inside the printer and that the printhead isn’t blocked. These are the most prevalent causes of error 5012.

MX472 Error 5012:

If you’re seeking a solution on how to fix Canon 5012 in the MX472 model, ensure sure the ink tanks are properly inserted first. Alternatively, you can disconnect the printer’s power cord and wait for around 20 seconds. Check if the problem has been resolved by reconnecting the cord and turning on the printer.

Error MX452 on Canon 5012:

Paper jams, sticky foreign objects in the print head obstructing the print head, and faulty ink cartridge positioning are all common Canon code 5012 symptoms. The MX452 printer model is the same. Ensure that these conditions are thoroughly examined. Restart your printer if the problem persists.

MX432 Canon 5012 Error:

If you’re having trouble with Canon print problem 5012 on the MX432 model, you’ll need to check the ink cartridge thoroughly. Turn on the printer and close the lid when the ink cartridge reaches the center. If the issue persists, you should get your printer serviced.

Canon Error 5012 MP470:

Don’t be alarmed if you encounter Canon Pixma code 5012 while using the MP470 Canon Printer. You can either restart the printer or make sure there is no foreign object stuck within the printer to resolve the issue.

MP460 Code 5012 Canon:

When the Canon code 5012 in MP460 appears on your computer screen, you must first determine why the error happened. Check the printer for any jammed paper or dirt. Alternatively, you can disconnect the printer’s power cable and wait for roughly 20 seconds. Restart the printer to see if the issue has been resolved.

The Canon error 5012, which is related to many Canon printer models, can prevent you from printing your documents, both wired and wirelessly. While the error can be aggravating, it can be resolved by following the troubleshooting procedures outlined here. Hopefully, this article has addressed all of your Canon 5012 printer error questions, and you can now troubleshoot the problem without wasting too much time.

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