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HP Printer Cartridge Issue Resolved

HP Printer Cartridge Issue Resolved

Why does my HP printer constantly reporting a cartridge problem? Because one or more ink cartridges may be damaged, the HP printer is unable to recognize the black or color cartridges. So, how can you get around the HP printer cartridge error? Simply turn your printer off, remove the cartridges, clean them with a dry, lint-free cloth, then reinstall the recommended cartridges twice or three times until they fit the correct slot.

Even if your printer won’t print because of a cartridge error, study the explanations and solutions to the cartridge problem listed below. We’ve attempted to fix a list of all possible solutions to the HP printer cartridge problem. Scroll down to find why your HP printer keeps telling you to “reinstall ink cartridge.”

Why is my HP printer reporting an ink cartridge problem?

If your HP printer reports a ‘ink cartridge problem,’ review the list of possible causes below to narrow down your problem and fix the HP printer cartridge error.

1. Print head clog

If you’ve recently changed the cartridge, spilled ink could have jammed the print head. Remove the print head in this case and clean it completely with a dry cloth or non-fibrous tissue before allowing it to dry. Reinstall the print head gently when it has dried.

2. Error using non-original ink

After installing the cartridge, you can get an error message about “non-original ink.” Don’t panic; you can dismiss the message by pressing ‘Proceed,’ ‘OK,’ or ‘Continue’ to resume printing.

3. Dust on the chip in the cartridge

Dust can potentially harm the HP cartridge by collecting in the electronic chip on the cartridge’s body. Remove the cartridge in question and find for the chip on the cartridge’s body. Using a dry lint-free cloth or a non-fibrous tissue such as kitchen roll, wipe the cartridge and its chip. If you can’t find any dirt, clean the cartridge with an alcohol-based solution to remove any persistent marks that prevent the printer from recognizing the indicated cartridge.

4. Clean the dust between the printer and the cartridge.

Ink cartridge error occurs when your printer fails to detect the indicated cartridge due to dust between the printer and cartridge interface. Using a tissue or lint-free cloth, clean the insides of the contacts between the cartridge and the printer. Make sure that no tissue scraps are left behind, or you will be unable to print your documents.

5. An problem with the old cartridge

A cartridge may have an electrical problem that is not evident to the human eye on occasion. As a result, try a different cartridge and install it to see if the ‘ink cartridge error’ message goes away.

6. Error due to a lack of ink

Even if you installed a fresh cartridge, you may occasionally receive a low ink message. To fix this cartridge problem, remove the indicated cartridge and reinstall it until it sits in the desired slot. To clear the cartridge error message, hit ‘Ok’ or ‘Continue’ once the cartridges are properly installed.

7. HP print cartridge problem

Occasionally, the suggested cartridge is installed in the incorrect slot. Make sure the cartridge model number matches your printer model and country to solve the problem. After that, properly install the cartridges in the slots.

How do I get around the HP printer cartridge error?

Simple troubleshooting can help you get around the HP printer cartridge error. The different solutions to the HP cartridge error are outlined below.

1. A faulty ink cartridge

Dirt has accumulated if you receive this message. As a result, remove the cartridge, clean it with a dry, lint-free cloth, and reinstall it with the recommended cartridge. You may forget to remove the cartridge’s plastic protective covers on occasion. So, look for any remaining plastic covers and reinstall the cartridge after removing the cover.

2. Error using non-original ink

If the ‘Non-Original Ink’ error message persists after hitting ‘Continue’ or ‘Ok,’ remove the ink cartridges from the printer. Then clean the contacts on the cartridges using cotton swabs immersed in an alcohol cleaning solution. Place them back into the HP printer after drying for a few minutes. Congratulations, you may now print your important documents without difficulty.

3. Out of ink cartridge

‘Depleted ink cartridge’ or ‘ink cartridge failure’ on your printer? Follow the procedures below to reset your printer and recover from the issues.

-While the printer is turned on, disconnect the power cord.

Remove the cord from the power source after a few seconds.

-After 60 seconds, insert the power cord into the wall outlet and switch on your printer to complete the reset.

-However, if the error message persists, clean the cartridges and reinstall them.

4. Error with a damaged or missing cartridge

‘Cartridge missing or damaged’ or ‘Print cartridge not detected’ is another typical HP printer error. This error can be resolved by:

-Turn off your printer and examine the pins on the inside of the carriage for any damage.

-If the contact pins are somewhat bent, use the tool to straighten them out so that they attach easily to the cartridge chip. Wipe the contacts dry using a lint-free cloth as well.