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HP Envy 5640 Setup

HP Envy 5640 Setup

To fix the HP Envy 5640 Printer is Offline problem, use these procedures. Your printer status may be offline in some cases, or an offline warning may appear on the printer device.

HP Envy 5640 Print and Scan

If you’re running Windows 10 or 8, you may also download a customised version of HP Print and Scan Doctor to resolve the HP Envy 5640 Printer is Offline issue. Then, visit the HP website and download HP Print and Scan Doctor. Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor.exe file. Now, in HP Print and Scan Doctor, select your printer device. If your printer does not appear in the list, restart it and choose retry. Then select Fix Printing, and if the problem persists, proceed to the next step.

Reset the HP Envy 5640’s Printing Environment

  1. To begin, try resetting your printing environment to determine whether the printer connection to the device has been reestablished.
  2. Before removing the power cord, turn off your printer and wait around 10 seconds.
  3. Now, for 10 seconds, turn off the computer you’re using.
  4. After that, reconnect the printer’s power cord and turn on the printer.
  5. Restart the router and unhook it from the wall if you’re using a wireless connection.
  6. Allow 5 seconds for the router to cool down before reconnecting the power cord and waiting for the network activity light to appear.
  7. To activate the wireless connection, press the wireless button or the wireless control panel icon at the same time.
  8. After that, turn on your computer and wait for your printer to establish a connection with the router. Retry printing after attaching the power cord to the rear of the printer.
  9. If the HP Envy 5640 Printer is not connected, proceed to the next step.

HP Envy 5640 Default Printer Configuration

If the driver has the same name as the default printer driver, it is possible that the default printer driver has changed. Change the default print driver back to the one you installed originally, and then check the printer’s status. Then, in Windows, run a device search and choose Devices and Printers from the list. Make the grayed-out printer your default printer. Try printing again; if the HP Envy 5640 Printer remains offline, explore other possibilities.

Firewall software should be turned off.

Firewall software often inhibits threats from the outside world, but it can also obstruct printer network connectivity. Use the HP Print and Scan Doctor to swiftly disable the firewall software to resolve HP Envy 5640 Printer difficulties. The issue was not identified. From the HP Print and Scan Doctor Window, go to Troubleshooting firewalls and disable the status. If the installation goes well, get help with firewall software that allows you to set the security level, trusted zone, and open port for communication between HP Software and websites.

HP Drivers and Software must be removed.

At times, the software installation process may be incomplete or incorrect. Detach the USB cord from the printer if your printer and computer share a USB connection. Perform a search for Programs and Features in Windows and then select Programs and Features from the results. To repair your HP Envy 5640 Printer, pick Uninstall from the list of installed programmes. This page was not found. Follow the on-screen instructions to delete the software and restart your computing device.

Connect your printer to a wireless direct communication network that is compatible for your printer.

  • When using a wireless network, make sure your printer is on the same network as your computer.
  • When connecting your printer to a guest or host network, there are a number of security protocols that may prevent the computer from connecting.
  • Now switch on your printer and make sure it’s ready to go. Select the Wireless icon, then DIRECT printer from the drop-down menu. Enter your password if prompted.
  • Then, from the file menu, choose print to print your photo or document. After selecting your printer from a list of options, click Print.
  • Check to determine if the HP Envy 5640 Printer is offline after completing a print job and reconnecting it to the WiFi network.

HP Envy 5640 Printer Firmware Update

  • HP printer upgrades are released on a regular basis: Updating the printer firmware may cure the HP Envy 5640 Printer is Offline issue. Look for the printer update feature, which may have different menus and icons depending on the printer.
  • ePrint Icon or Button Printers: Touch the HP ePrint icon to select settings or configuration, product update, or check product update.
  • Text-Only Printer: Select Setup or Service from the settings menu. Choose Web services, Printer update from the Preferences menu, and Printer maintenance.
  • Accept the terms of service and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the sign-up process. Set up and enable the web services for automatic updates. If your printer does not start the update process automatically, choose Check for Updates to start it.

On your HP Envy 5640, reinstall the printer software.

  • First, reinstall the printing software to fix any problems that arose during the installation process. Remove the USB cord to fix the HP Envy 5640 Printer is Offline problem.
  • Then seek for Programs and Features in the windows. Programs and Features to Consider From the list of results, uninstall your HP software.
  • Restart your computer and reinstall the HP Printer software if necessary. The software can be downloaded from the HP official website or from the installation disc that comes with your printer equipment.