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HP Envy 4527 Setup

HP printer users frequently have printer problems. A lot of circumstances can cause this issue, ranging from connectivity issues to malfunctioning configurations or drivers. You can attempt the tactics outlined below if you’re having problems finding a solid answer. They can aid you in addressing the problem with your HP envy 4527 printer not printing.

HP Envy 4527 Setup

Fix 1: Perform some fundamental troubleshooting.

When your HP envy 4527 printer stops working, you can first try some troubleshooting. You should check the state of the connection between your printer and computer. Check that your devices are properly linked and that the network or cable you’re using to connect them is in excellent working order.

You can also try restarting your HP envy 4527  printer. Turn it completely off and unplug the power cord before plugging it back in and turning on the printer. Check to check if your printer can now print on a regular basis.

Fix 2: The printer driver should be reinstalled or updated.

In many circumstances, faulty drivers are to blame for the printer’s inability to print. You may need to update or reinstall the printer driver to fix the printing problem.

Driver Easy is a straightforward and dependable method of working with drivers.

Driver Easy will recognise your system and locate the necessary drivers. You don’t need to know what operating system your machine is running, and you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing the wrong driver or installing it incorrectly.

You may download and install your drivers using either the Free or Pro versions of Driver Easy.

  1. Drivers are simple to download and install.
  2. Launch Driver Easy and then click Scan Now. Then, Driver Easy will check your computer for any faulty drivers.
  3. Click the Update button next to your HP printer to acquire the most up-to-date and correct driver. You can also utilise the Update All option in the bottom right corner to automatically update all outdated or missing drivers on your computer. You can use Driver Easy to uninstall the driver as well as upgrade it (also Pro required). This is quite useful when replacing a device’s driver.
  4. Tools can be found in the Driver Easy menu.
  5. If you select Driver Uninstall, you will be presented with a list of device drivers. After you’ve located your HP envy 4527  printer driver, select Uninstall. The driver you selected will be deleted shortly.

Fix 3: Set your printer as your default.

Unless you specify a different printer when you wish to print something, your computer will assign these printing tasks to the default printer. It will not work until you configure your HP envy 4527 printer as the default printer or select it as the printer to print from.

To make your HP envy 4527  printer the default printer, please follow the procedures below.

1. To open the Run dialogue, hit the Windows logo key and the R key on your keyboard at the same time. In this dialogue, type “control” and press Enter. This opens the Control Panel window.

2. From the Control Panel, go to Devices & Printers.

3. In the Printers section, right-click on your HP printer and select Set as default printer. If prompted, choose Yes.

4. The HP printer symbol now has a checkmark next to it. As a result, it has been set as the default printer.

Fix 4: Print jobs should all be cancelled.

Another possible reason for your HP envy 4527  printer not printing is a blocked print queue. The print queue containing rejected print jobs may stop working normally, resulting in printer difficulties. Delete all print jobs to return your HP printer to regular operation.

1. Navigate to Devices & Printers in the Control Panel.

2. Right-click on your HP printer in the Printers area and select See what’s printing.

3. From the Printer menu, choose Open As Administrator.

4. Go back to the Printer menu. This time, select Cancel All Documents.

5. Confirm your activity.

6. You have completed all print tasks on your printer. Check to see if it can now run on a regular basis.

Fix 5: Examine the status of the printer.

If your HP envy 4527 printer still won’t print after you’ve followed the procedures above, you should check to see if there are any hardware issues with your printer.

You must ensure that your HP envy 4527 printer is not stuck and has enough paper, ink, or toner. Examine the condition of your printer cartridge and, if necessary, replace it with a new one. In rare cases, your HP envy 4527 printer will stop printing after parts have been replaced. Regardless of whether this happens, you should reinstall the originals to determine if the issue is resolved.

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