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For whatever we buy, we always seek customer support in times when we cannot really understand  why the machine is not working. Electronic machines in combination with software installed  sometimes makes it tedious to understand the real problem behind non-functionality of an electronic  machine.

Why to Contact Canon Printer Support Phone Number?

Printer, one of the most commonly used output devices, in all the industrial establishments, has to be  understood in its functionality & system. For this, you need Canon Printer Support System that guides  you through installation and printer troubleshooting process. So, we shall here talk about the common  Canon Printer problems and ways to contact Canon Printer Customer Support to get solutions in a  jiffy. Let’s sail through Canon Printer Support and how it works well for you.  

Contacting Canon Printer Customer Support is indispensable so that in the midst of trying to fix printing issues yourself, you don’t worsen the problem that’s casing your Canon printer’s malfunctioning. Canon Printer Customer Support professionals are highly trained and keep abreast of  issues that might arise. 

For complete Canon customer support in the form of knowledge base, visit

Some common Canon Printer issues

There are several problems due to which a Canon Printer does not work. Some of the major printing  issues that Canon Printer faces are: 

  • Paper jams (due to wrong paper insertion or wrong paper size) & Print Job stuck in printer queue. 
  • Lack of proper driver installed, outdated driver & fault in wireless connection.
  • Power Or Voltage fluctuation that leads to printing issues. 
  • Errors in installation of Printer firmware and firewall are not installed correctly.
  • Unrecognizable printer. 
  • Network jam due to too many printers attached to one system. 
  • Canon printers are not compatible with outdated software. 
  • Cartridge malfunctions.
  •  Lack of printer maintenance.

How to contact Canon printer customer support?

Reaching Canon Online (through website):  

Canon Printer Customer Support is ever ready to help you if you get stuck in the middle of an  important printing task. No matter which your printer is, Canon Printer Customer Support is 24 * 7  available for its valued customers. Canon has built a huge name in the printer market just because of  its after sales service and redressal of issues on urgent basis.  

Canon Printer Customer Support USA provides an efficient On- Call Support. There is no limit to the number of times, you get an on-call assistance. If need be, they pay visit and carry along your printer  for comprehensive check with the technical team.  For any kind of online support, visit: Here, you will view many options namely:  

  • Software & Drivers: For support on latest printing drivers and software installed.
  • Manuals: Service & product manuals to let you self-help. 
  • Service & Repairs: To register a service & repair request 
  • About Support: To learn about Canon Printer Customer Support System in USA
  • Canon Professional Services (CPS): To understand how the service package can be bought as  a part of customized product support plan.  

For service and repairs, click repair/repair 

For product maintenance, click help-center/canon-maintenance-service 

If you have already made a service request for canon printer, track it here: Reaching on Phone (Through Toll free numbers): 

You can call Canon Printer Customer Support on their toll-free number from Monday to Friday  between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm & Saturday between 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. 

The numbers for respective Canon Printer Models are given here. Find your printer and call  customer care toll free number USA: 

Printers – IVY Series

Printers – MAXIFY (IB, MB Series)

Printers – PIXMA (MG, MX, MP, TS, IP, PRO, SELPHY)

Printers – PIXMA (G Series)

Printers – imageCLASS (MF, LBP & D Series)

If you are not finding your model no, call Canon Printer Customer Support Toll Free Number:  

How do I fix my Canon printer problem?

Canon Printer are the finest in the market but, it’s afterall, a machine. So, you should know simple  hacks to solve Canon Printer Problem till you receive an official Canon Customer Support USA.  Sometimes, a simple hack can solve Canon Printing issue in no time.

Majority of Canon Printing Problems are solved by these small ways if there is no major machine  failure. These ways are: 

  • Opening the printer head and cleaning the inside edges for maintenance. Removing the cartridge and checking it for any issues. If required, get the cartridge replaced or printing ink refilled.
  • Check the printer drivers. If it’s an outdated one, install the driver from Canon Printer’s official website.
  • Check for blinking light in your Canon Printing Device. If it is not blinking, check wired and network connections.
  • If the printer is not showing in the device Go to “Control Panel” section and then select  “Printers and Faxes” option. Click on “Add A Printer” & follow the instructions on-screen. Wait  for your printer to respond and start a test run. 
  • If the Canon Printer Printing issue still persists, uninstall the device drive and reinstall it. There might be a need to clean Print heads attached with the cartridge. Open the Canon  printer software in your system and choose the “Properties” tab. Click on Clean Print Heads, and wait till the printer finishes cleaning the printhead. Print a test page for a final test. 

Canon’s Knowledge Base 

Canon lets you steer through fix all your printer problems. Here, you will find many knowledge  points in the form of articles. Some of the major articles being: 

Download and Run the MP Driver Package to Obtain the IJ Scan Utility – Windows Download and Install Canon Printer Drivers and Software (TEXT) (VIDEO) 

Wi-Fi Setup Methods – PIXMA MG3620 

Downloading and Installing the Canon MF Scan Utility 

Printer Not Responding Message – PIXMA MX432 and MX439 

Initiating Easy Wireless Connect – TS3320 / TS3322 

Wireless LAN Connection with the Canon PRINT Inkjet

“Canon’s Request to its valuable customers”

Canon says….. 

“Do not fall prey to third party product support/service.”  

It also recommends customers to rely only on Official Canon Product Support.

Canon Printer Support

Canon printers are among the most popular, with superior technology and new features that can help you improve your printing experience. As the technology of these sophisticated printers has evolved, the faults have risen at an alarming rate. When working with complex technology, it is common to run into issues. However, it is vital that these problems are addressed as quickly as feasible. This is where Canon printer customer care comes in. As one of the service providers, we provide best-in-class solutions to guide you through the process and aid you in promptly fixing the error.

What is the procedure for contacting Canon printer Customer Support?

Every day, we receive a great number of requests, both basic and complex. All inquiries are taken seriously by our team, and we collaborate with the customer to find the best solution. Our professionals give Canon printer customer service in a few simple steps to simplify and define this difficult process. Examine the details provided below to acquire a better grasp of our service and how we work.

You can contact us through a variety of means

The initial step is to contact us. Our staff is always ready to discuss your concerns and provide you with a suitable solution. You can contact us through a variety of means. You can call us at our toll-free number, chat with us, or contact us via other social media sites.

Make Contact with the Technicians

We will put you in touch with the professionals as soon as you contact us. Without having to wait in line, you will be able to contact our team straight away.

Describe Your Canon Printer Issue

All you have to do now is explain your concern to us after you’ve contacted an expert. Whether your question is simple or complex, you should elaborate on each topic to get the best answer.


You can sit back and relax after you’ve done explaining your situation to us. Our staff will instantly begin working for you to provide a solution that will aid you in resolving the issue. All of the solutions we provide are designed with the needs of our customers in mind.

Follow the Instructions

We, at Canon Printer Customer Support, will undertake all necessary research and analysis to address your problem. We will send you the solution as soon as it becomes available. Then, in order to resolve the problem, you must follow all of the instructions supplied by our professionals. Our team will be there for you until your problem is completely resolved and you are completely happy.

We value straightforward answers

As a Canon printer customer service provider, we work around the clock to provide our customers with the best available solution. Through their dedication and hard work, they are making it simpler and easier for users to use Canon printers. Our experts all respect straightforward, dependable, and complete solutions. They understand the importance of user-friendly solutions. You will receive an answer for each query that you can easily implement without any technical knowledge.

Typical problems that we correct

With years of experience, our team is familiar with the types of questions that will be addressed to them. Our crew, on the other hand, receives continuing training and education to ensure that they are prepared for any questions that may arise. They are well-versed in resolving issues ranging from basic printer hardware setup to complex printer fault detection.

As an independent Canon printer customer support provider, we can address any questions you may have. Some of the most prevalent problems we handle are as follows:

  • Error with the offline printer
  • Canon Printer Drivers Error
  • Problems with paper jams
  • Canon printer Network Setup Canon Printer Installation Canon printer installation problems, for example.
  • Our service area, however, is not limited to the list above. Our specialists can also assist with issues that aren’t listed here.

Troubleshooting a Canon Printer

Canon printers have always given their clients the best service possible. You can now print documents and keep hard copies in the office. However, issues may arise that demand troubleshooting measures on your part.

Here Are Some Solutions to Common Canon Printer Problems;

Canon Printer Isn’t Printing:

You can check to ensure if the printer is properly plugged in and turned on. The printer will start printing after the lamp is turned on and not flashing. Wait for the ON lamp to stop flashing. The printing process starts as soon as the bulb is turned on. You could try deleting these print jobs from the queue and reprinting your material. You have the option of having the Canon printer troubleshooted.

Canon Printer Is Slowly Printing:

Slow printing is one of the most common printer problems. This is most common when the printer is set to print in high quality. Lowering print quality or switching to draught mode can help increase printer performance. This will not only make your printer faster, but it will also help you conserve ink or toner. If you’re printing pages from a website, this is yet another way to improve printing speed on devices that don’t support graphics.

Fixing a Paper Jam in a Canon Printer:

When your printer experiences a paper jam, a warning message or an alarm will be shown.The first step is to turn off and then unplug the printer. The entangled paper should then be delicately peeled out without touching the film or rail. You must guarantee that no paper is left inside.

Faded or very light printer printing:

Poor print quality is frequently caused by clogged print heads. The most common reason for printer obstruction is dried ink. This is a common problem with inkjet printers. The printer could alternatively have horizontal lines or be highly speckled. So, using the printer’s utility programme, you may clean the dried ink for troubleshooting the Canon Pixma printer. When you execute the software, you must print the test page to see if the problem has been resolved. A fading print might occur when the ink is close to run out. If you discover that this is the problem, you must change the cartridge.

The following message is displayed on a Canon printer when there is no paper:

Even if no paper errors are displayed on the printer, an object could be in the rear tray. Turn it off, unplug the Canon printer, and then remove the object. The issue could also arise if the machine was not properly loaded with paper. When loading paper, make sure the edges of the sheet are aligned. The material must be loaded in portrait orientation.

The fault will appear because the paper has been curled, roughened, or curled. You could try a different type of paper. You must also confirm that the paper you are importing matches the paper size specifications of the file being replaced. You can also try cleaning the paper feed roller to solve the problem.

Canon Printer Not Printing Correctly:

The printing process may periodically halt in the middle. If you’re printing a photo or a graphic-heavy document or file, this is unusual. Machines and computers can process large volumes of data when this happens. When the processing is finished, your printing will resume. If your machine has been printing for an extended period of time and some parts, such as the print head, overheat, it may stop printing. You should give the machine some breathing room. If the printer does not restart after 15 minutes, turn it off.


Ques.What is the procedure for doing a Canon printer diagnostic?

Ans.To begin, navigate to the computer’s Control Panel and select “Printers and Faxes.” If your Canon printer isn’t displayed, select “Add a printer.” Allow the computer to run a test to detect the printer, as stated on the screen. Click Start on your Windows taskbar, then select “Devices and Printers.” Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click on the printer driver icon. Then, from the pop-up menu, select “Printer Properties,” or right-click the printer driver icon to access the pop-up menu. Now, select the “Print Test Page” option.

Ques.How can I troubleshoot and repair my Canon printer?

Ans.In the Canon printer software on your PC, go to the Properties or Options menu. Select either Test Alignment or Clean Print Heads, depending on the software version. Before printing a test page, wait for the printer to finish aligning.

Ques.What is the most effective method for troubleshooting a Canon printer?

Ans.Open the Control Panel on the PC and then navigate from there. Now, go to Printers and Faxes and look for the software driver for your printer; if it isn’t there, go to Add a printer. Then, precisely follow the instructions on-screen to have the computer run a test to detect your Canon printer.

Ques.How can I connect my Canon mg3200 printer to Wi-Fi?

Ans.Press and hold the WPS button on the access point for 2 minutes as soon as the LED flashes as seen in the figure. More information on pressing the WPS button can be found in the access point’s user manual. The printer’s (blue) Wi-Fi lamp flashes while searching for or connecting to an access point.